Posted by: Tess Dao | March 28, 2010

Rạp nhỏ

Today I got back home late, was like dreaming all the way.

It’s maybe because of the movie I watched and some lately stuffs occurred.

Well, we have chosen ‘Remember me’, which I was not sure why I picked instead of the other action movie. I thought I might have read some good reviews on it. Moreover, the other movie didn’t sound attractive to me. This one was not calling at first, because I don’t really like the starring actor but it came eventually.

For about the first half, I was quite disappointed (I didn’t expect sth much brilliant, but neither did that plain). But then, I can say I got deep into it. It focused mainly on the inner life of people. A girl whose mother was murdered and has been living in the protection of a strict father, fell in love with a guy in school. A boy who has been living with a constant discontent with life, thinking his father was neglecful of the family and should be responsible for the death of his brother whose name is tattooed on his chest in order not to be forgotten. A father who was trying to find a way to get his family back. A little girl who was learning to be independent and confident. Their life were continuing in a way that might look boring and too plain but their inner thoughts have been changing and reaching something fancy, sth much more beautiful. After all, it was a message of living to the full everyday.

If you’re someone who enjoys a cup of coffee alone with some instrumental songs, someone who loves to give yourself sometime for your inner thoughts, you might find this movie a fine one.

I asked for a tour around afterwards because I didn’t want to get home straight away. It was my habit enjoying going or wandering around without any purpose or destination, giving myself some space and air to refresh.

I was thinking about a recent talk I had with an old newly met friend. It’s complicated. I never thought someone could touch me so deep for the first time we really talk. Somehow scared me that I said no to every next ask of going out. I know I might be childish at this time but until now still I belive that I’m right, that it could be a lost when you open your heart.

So far I’ve watched 2 movies in a small showing room. I think Megastar’s manager had predicted that few people would find them worth watching. However, they turned out to be worthy. ‘Little big soldier’ was not bad at all, I really love it indeed. So next time, I won’t count on how loudly the movie was advertised (Percy Jackson wasn’t at any expect though!)

So, it’s the end of a whole week of sneezing, coughing, running nose and taking medicine. I always hate this.



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