Posted by: Tess Dao | February 28, 2010

Quick notes at weekend

1. When I love something, I enjoy recalling/re-reading/reviewing it as much as possible. Each time I have another view towards the subject, could be deeper, could be totally opposite but always great. Never get bored with my Librian properties.

2. I have categorized baskets for people I know. Those will decide later relationship status as well as my attitude for them. Might sounds so objective but it works for me. Recently I’ve been thinking it might no longer be my ‘principle’ 😀 Maybe woman’s intuition only works properly until she realizes it doesn’t XD And, the truth is, sometimes it won’t take a great effort to ‘jump’ from this basket to another one. I really got surprised 😐 (Or maybe I just got deceived again. Let’s see ;)) )

3. Never noticed that I have such interest in decoration and fine arts. Can’t take my eyes of the way people create those magnificent and gorgeous images. Just at the moment, I don’t have much time doing any research or reading =.=


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