Posted by: Tess Dao | February 12, 2010

Life track

People talk a lot about promises. You have a promise, you have to keep it. Even when there’s no one watching you, recognizing your effort. It must be important to you yourself first.

And on the way achieving your goal, you may realize another target, a true one in that period of your life. What would you do? Abandon the previous one and go capture the new one? Or worry and hesitate too much to let go of the past and believe in the future? Or be too perfectimistic trying to fulfill 2 dreams and end up leaving both uncompleted?…

Life is hard, it’s fun but it’s hard.

Though, after all, one seeing clearly his purpose is way too happier and luckier than one who doesn’t. Coz he knows what he’s fighting for, when he’s on or off the track to go on or to retreat, and what he would and would not sacrifice for his dream.

Oh, how I envy them…


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