Posted by: Tess Dao | January 6, 2010

Midnight IQ test

4:16 AM

IQ Test – IQ Test

Test bên nì khó hơn, got 149

It’s fun to have something to spend about 20 mins of your lifetime in. But it’s exaggerated when stating I have that genius level since I now am very sleepy and my mind definitely is not at the highest level of awareness and consciousness.

Hey, just think how high it would be if I’m now on my bed, sleeping for my own healthier lifestyle and stronger mind power XD



  1. Actually, people with an IQ of 120 understand that free online IQ test gives the doubled scores to encourage idiots visit their site for commercial purpose. Most of the idiots mentioned will think that they can get higher score if blah blah blah…

  2. ban tessdao gioi thiet do nha iq cao ngat troi ma sao may ban viet toan tieng nuoc ngoai khong vay minh doc khong hieu gi het tron a hihi may ban dung cuoi minh nha minh cung rang hoc cho gioi de co the viet duoc giong nhu may ban day ne nhat la ban tessdao do nha hic khong biet bao gio moi co the duoc nhu vay may ban that xung dang kham phuc

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